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At Climatix, our commitment to the planet is paramount. Each of our offset projects is meticulously handpicked, ensuring they not only possess the highest quality certifications from Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Certified Emission Reductions(CER) and Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions(VER) programmes. Our projects span all four corners of the world, reaffirming our dedication to a global approach in championing environmental sustainability.

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Each month Carbon Credits are purchased on behave of our purchased offset products. Supporting projects which offset your carbon emissions. View projects you will support below.

As well as this we will also provide a plan of action document which can help your lead a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle offering small changes that you can make to your daily life to go the extra mile supporting your carbon free mission.



Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project – Indonesia

This initiative seeks to conserve tropical forests located in Central Kalimantan within the Indonesian region of Borneo.

Due to the growing palm oil industry, these richly diverse ecosystems face potential devastation from economic forces.

The Rimba Raya endeavor protects more than 65,000 hectares of tropical peat forest, a sanctuary to several endangered species like the orangutan. Simultaneously, it offers lasting societal and health advantages to the surrounding communities.

Furthermore, the project aligns with and supports all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

Madre de Dios Project – Amazon Rainforest Peru

Deforestation accounts for approximately 20% of global warming, decreasing our planet's ability to absorb carbon dioxide. The actions taken by the project's initiator will positively impact the environment, local communities, and biodiversity.

This initiative aims to preserve over 100,000 hectares of rainforest in Peru's Tahuamanu Province, home to one of the world's most significant biodiversity hubs – the Ecological Corridor Vilcabamba-Amboró.

By safeguarding the rainforest from encroaching farmers and unauthorized logging, the habitats of many plant and animal species, including at least 35 endangered ones, will be protected. This effort will also uphold and respect the traditions of Indigenous communities. Furthermore, local community members will benefit from workshops on safety, sustainable farming, and effective forest management.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

Mangrove Restoration and Reforestation - Mozambique

Located near Maputo at the southernmost point of Mozambique, there's a commendable effort focused on mangrove restoration and reforestation. This initiative isn't merely about planting trees; it's about bolstering the region against erosion and enhancing the health of the surrounding oceans and coral reefs. Such endeavors not only protect the environment but also ensure the sustained wellbeing and prosperity of local communities by fostering a balanced ecosystem.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

Kijabe Forest - Kenya

Working closely with the Kijabe Forest Trust, there's a concentrated effort on Afromontane reforestation and broader restoration projects in Kenya. This initiative goes beyond simply planting trees; it paves the way for a thriving wildlife habitat, offers sustainable economic prospects for local communities, guarantees a steady water supply, and provides vital landslide protection. Through such partnerships, the beauty and vitality of Kenya's landscapes are being restored for future generations.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

NicaForest Reforestation & Land Restoration - Nicaragua

Nicaforest: Breathing Life Back into Our Planet

Picture a world where forests flourish, serving as the core of a thriving ecosystem. This is the world that Nicaforest is diligently working towards. In their groundbreaking efforts, they've planted nearly 400,000 trees, enhancing the local environment and boosting the natural biomass.

What sets Nicaforest apart? Their unique strategy isn't just about planting trees randomly. Using a discerning clean development mechanism, they strategically select plantation sites, specifically targeting areas deforested since 1989 or later. Beyond the immediate environmental benefits, Nicaforest is shaping a sustainable ecosystem around these forests. This ensures a profound and lasting positive impact on both the environment and local communities. Explore Nicaforest's commendable endeavor and see how they're championing a greener future for all!

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

Energy Efficiency Program in Rural - Bangladesh

In rural Bangladesh, there's an essential initiative with a noble goal: to provide safe drinking water to those at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). This project centers on the deployment of zero-emission water purification systems (WPS), aiming not just to improve access to safe drinking water, but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bolster health conditions. With the support of carbon finance, the project is poised to be economically sustainable throughout its lifespan. The ambitious target? Serve over a million rural households, while saving approximately 55,198 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

Mangrove and Coastal Forest Habitats - Kenya

Collaborating with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, there's a dedicated focus on rejuvenating mangrove and coastal forest habitats. This endeavor doesn't just champion environmental restoration; it also creates job opportunities for individuals facing extreme poverty. Beyond the immediate benefits, these restored habitats play a pivotal role in sustaining livelihoods and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region. Through such joint efforts, both nature and communities find a harmonious path towards rejuvenation and prosperity.

For more information about the project please CLICK HERE.

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