Hydropower - India


The Vanala Small Scale hydropower project is a 15 MW run of the river type small hydroelectricity generation project located on the river Nandakini in the Chamoli district of the state Uttranchal, India. The project involves installation of two horizontal Francis turbines generating sets of 7.5 MW each for hydroelectricity generation. By generating renewable electricity, the project contributes towards reduction of GHG emissions that would have occurred by the generation of equivalent amount of electricity in the fossil fuel based regional grid.

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Sustainable Development Criteria  

Social Benefits

  • The project generates employment opportunities for local people.
  • The project leads to the development of approach roads, nearby markets, etc. This significantly improves the connectivity of the area to nearby locations, leading to an overall development of the region.

Economic Benefits

  • The project provides employment opportunities to local traders, labors, transporters. Thereby improving the living standards of local people.
  • The project creates business opportunities for local suppliers, manufacturers, contractors etc.

Environmental Benefits

  • The project is a run of the river hydel scheme and involves no storage of water. Therefore, there is no submergence of forest and cultivated lands.
  • The project is a step towards environmental sustainability by saving exploitation and depletion of a natural, finite and non-renewable resource like coal/gas.

Technological Benefits

  • The project uses efficient environmentally safe technology for power generation.
  • Industry

    Hydro / Energy

  • Location

    India, Asia

  • Certification

    United Nations

  • Impact

    45,515 metric tonnes