Renewable Wind Energy - India


The main objective of the project activity is to generate electrical energy through sustainable means using wind power resources and thereby contribute to climate change mitigation efforts. The electricity generated is supplied to the INDIAN grid.

In the absence of the project activity, the electricity thus supplied would have been generated by GHG intensive fossil fuel based thermal power plants. The project activity also contributes to sustainable social and economic well-being along with conservation of environment through use of wind as a renewable source.

Sahyadri Industries Limited has ventured into renewable energy generation with the installation of nine wind mills each having a capacity of 0.8 MW, thereby totalling to 7.2 MW in the state of Maharashtra.

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Sustainable Development Criteria  

Social Benefits

  • The project will add to the total power generated in the state thereby curtailing the deficit power situation in the country and the state.  
  • The project activity will lead to conservation of coal  
  • The project leads to infrastructure development of the area.  
  • It provides employment opportunities to local people  

Economic Benefits

  • The project activity also leads to diversification of the national energy supply, which is dominated by conventional fossil fuel based generating units.  

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigation of GHG emissions: The project will utilize wind energy for generating electricity which otherwise would have been generated through alternate fuels (most likely  ‐ fossil fuel) based power plants, contributing to reduction in specific emissions (emissions of pollutant) including
    GHG emissions.  
  • Resource Conservation: Being a renewable resource, using wind energy to generate electricity contributes to resource conservation. Thus the project causes no negative impact on the surrounding environment contributing to environmental well‐being.  

Technological Benefits

  • Generation of power using wind turbine generators will motivate other proponents in the surrounding area to invest in renewable energy technologies.
  • Industry

    Wind / Energy

  • Location

    India, Asia

  • Certification

    United Nations

  • Impact

    13,563 metric tonnes