Hydropower - China


The CDM project Yunnan Lincang Zhenai Hydropower Project is developed by Lincang Zhenai Power Generation Co. Ltd. It is a run-of- river small-scale hydropower project in Yunnan Province, in the People’s Republic of China. It is having total installed capacity of the Project is 9.6 MW, consisting of three 3.2 MW turbines, with electricity supply to the grid of 50,169 MWh per annum.

The project utilizes the hydrological resources of the Nanting river in a run-of-river diversion type that generates electricity for the South China Power Grid.

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Sustainable Development Criteria  

Social Benefits

  • The CDM project leads to poverty alleviation by generating employment during its operations and function.

Economic Benefits

  • The project activity increases employment opportunities and local mobility in its operational area, thereby increasing all types of Economic, Industrial, Agricultural activity in the region and so it overall improves the economic standards of the people.

Environmental Benefits

  • The project achieves greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions from the business-as-usual scenario electricity generation of those fossil fuel-fired power plants connected to the South China Power Grid which is otherwise dependent on fossil fuel. Thus, the project reduces the level of pollution as well leads to conservation of fossil fuel resources.
  • The project is a clean energy generation with no negative impact on the health of the community or on the biological life nearby.

Technological Benefits

  • The technology used in the project activity is clean technology and makes greater use of renewable hydroelectric resources. It is hence contributing in encouraging private entities and finance corporations to enter renewable power generation.
  • Industry

    Hydro / Energy

  • Location

    China, Asia

  • Certification

    United Nations

  • Impact

    27,949 metric ton