Become a Carbon Neutral Restaurant

Climatix Eco Eats is our pioneering initiative to promote sustainability in dining. With each meal, a small, optional fee is added to your bill. This fee directly contributes to offsetting the carbon emissions generated by the preparation and service of your food. By choosing Climatix Eco Eats, you join us in our commitment to a healthier planet, supporting eco-friendly practices and reducing our collective carbon footprint. Together, we can make a difference, one meal at a time.

  • Contact/ Sign Up

    Contact us with your inquiry about becoming a carbon neutral restaurant. We walk you through the simple process of what it means and the requirements needed to become a carbon neutral restaurant.

  • EPOS integration

    We integrate with you the simple discretionary cost to each and every bill provided to customers (this can be optionally removed by the customers) this cost will cover your carbon emissions created by dining experiences.

  • Certification and Recognition

    Once the system and calculations have been made you will receive a personalised certification verifying your carbon neutrality as a restaurant which can be used as a marketing and advertising tool.

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What are the benefits?

- Brand Image

- Completely Free

- Simple Set-Up

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What is Eco-Eats

Eco Eats is a program where restaurants add a small optional fee to your bill. This money helps to make up for the environmental impact, like carbon emissions, caused by preparing and serving the food. It's a way for customers and restaurants to help the planet, without costing the restaurants anything extra.

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