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One Offset is designed for those who wish to offset a specific event, trip, or activity, whether it's a family vacation, a business flight, or a product launch. Unlike a subscription or ongoing commitment, this one-off purchase allows customers to make a tangible difference without an ongoing commitment.


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How is it tailored to my needs?

The package offers tailored offsetting, allowing you to customize based on the specifics of your event or activity. Whether it's a wedding, a business trip, or a product launch, we help you calculate the associated emissions and offer offsetting solutions that match.

Are there recurring costs or commitments?

No, the One Offset Pack is a one-time commitment. You can offset without the need for ongoing obligations, making it perfect for singular events or occasions.

How transparent is the process?

Transparency is one of our core values. You'll receive detailed insights into how your contributions are utilized. Moreover, our projects and processes are certified and aligned with top-tier standards such as Verra, Gold Standard, and the United Nations' Framework for Climate Action. This underscores our commitment to upholding the highest benchmarks in environmental sustainability.

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  • Planting Trees

    For each and every purchase 20, 30 or 45 trees are planted to offset your carbon, additionally to carbon offset projects.

    (Depending which option you choose

  • Offset Projects

    Through certified carbon offset projects, we ensure a reduction of 1.5, 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, actively combating climate change and reducing your carbon footprint.

    (Depending which option you choose

  • Spreading Awareness

    With our awareness campaigns, we spotlight the importance of carbon offsetting. By sharing knowledge, we foster sustainable decisions, directly aiding our fight against climate change and promoting a greener lifestyle. Knowledge drives change.


1.5 Tons

  • Driving 3,826 miles
  • Round Trip from London to New York
  • House energy for 3 months

2 Tons

  • Driving 5,101 miles
  • Round Trip from London to Miami
  • House Energy for 4.5 months

3 Tons

  • Driving 7,652 miles
  • 2 Round Trip from London to New. York
  • House Energy for 6 months

Help you build a sustainable lifestyle

At Climatix, every carbon offset isn't just about numbers—it's a meaningful stride towards a sustainable future. By embracing these offsets, you're advancing cleaner practices, cultivating eco-awareness, and making tangible impacts. Together, let's navigate the path of sustainability and shape a world where cleaner living is the norm, one offset at a time.

Our Commitment to Transparency

  • Clear Communication: We offer clear and concise information about how our carbon offsetting solutions work, the projects we support, and the impact each contribution makes.
  • Third-party Verification: Every project we invest in is thoroughly vetted and verified by reputable third-party organizations to ensure genuine emissions reduction.
  • Regular Updates and Reporting: We provide regular updates on the progress of our projects, complete with detailed reports, so that you can see exactly how your contributions are making a difference.
  • Public Accessibility: All our documentation, including our project selection criteria, verification process, and financial statements, are publicly available for scrutiny.
  • Direct Engagement: We welcome questions, feedback, and direct engagement with our team to foster a relationship built on trust and shared values.