• Counteract Your Emissions

    By offsetting, you directly counterbalance your carbon footprint, playing a part in the fight against climate change.

  • Empower Communities

    Choose to offset with us, and you're not just helping the planet. Many projects improve lives by creating jobs or providing clean water in developing regions.

  • Feel Good About Your Choices

    Knowing you're actively counteracting your carbon footprint brings peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.

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Individual+ Carbon Offset

Individual+ Carbon Offset

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Elevate your Environmental Commitment 

Become a Carbon Neutral Premium Member today. For just £11.99 with this you will offset 1.6 tons of carbon and plan 30 trees monthly.

Your offset supports a diverse array of carbon projects globally. From reforestation initiatives in the Amazon and methane capture projects in landfills to promoting clean cookstove solutions in developing nations, your contribution touches every corner of the globe. 

Choosing the Carbon Neutral Premium Membership transcends mere participation—it signifies a dedicated investment in our planet's future. Experience the genuine satisfaction derived from conscious, impactful decisions that advocate for a sustainable tomorrow.

What you get: 

  • Premium Offsetting: Carbon Neutral Plan.
  • Monthly Subscription: Auto-renewed convenience/ Cancel Anytime
  • Ease of Use: Hassle-free approach to carbon neutrality.
  • Detailed Monthly Reports: Breakdown of your offset.
  • Process Booklet: Why, How and What we do.
  • Transparency: Understand how your contributions are used.

How does offsetting work?

When you purchase an offset, you're financially supporting projects that combat carbon emissions. Choose your preferred amount, complete the payment, and you'll receive a certificate or digital acknowledgment of your contribution.

How do I know its creditable?

All projects we feature are rigorously vetted and certified by top third-party standards, such as the Gold Standard or Verra's Verified Carbon Standard. We're committed to transparency, so we provide regular updates on each project's progress and impact.

Can I gift offsets to others?

Can I gift offsets to others?Absolutely! You can purchase offsets as a thoughtful gift. The recipient will receive a certificate or digital acknowledgment, making it a meaningful present for eco-conscious individuals.

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  • Tree Planting

    For each and every subscriptions 25 trees are planted to offset your carbon, additionally to carbon offset projects.

  • Offset Project

    Through certified carbon offset projects, we ensure a reduction of 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, actively combating climate change and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Certification

    Receive an official certification acknowledging your contribution to global carbon offset efforts.

  • Verified Projects

    Verified carbon emissions projects refer to initiatives that reduce or remove greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and have undergone a rigorous assessment by third-party organizations to ensure their integrity, effectiveness, and adherence to specific standards.

  • Tree Planting

    Tree planting for carbon offsets is the practice of planting trees to compensate for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, typically due to human activities like burning fossil fuels. The idea is that as the trees grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby "offsetting" emissions that would otherwise contribute to global warming.

Our Commitment to Transparency

  • Clear Communication: We offer clear and concise information about how our carbon offsetting solutions work, the projects we support, and the impact each contribution makes.
  • Third-party Verification: Every project we invest in is thoroughly vetted and verified by reputable third-party organizations to ensure genuine emissions reduction.
  • Regular Updates and Reporting: We provide regular updates on the progress of our projects, complete with detailed reports, so that you can see exactly how your contributions are making a difference.
  • Public Accessibility: All our documentation, including our project selection criteria, verification process, and financial statements, are publicly available for scrutiny.
  • Direct Engagement: We welcome questions, feedback, and direct engagement with our team to foster a relationship built on trust and shared values.